Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a new decade! 2020 is officially under way and you know what that means? Resolutions are in full swing! Whether your focus is on healthy living, reading more, or trying something new, the new year is always exciting to start fresh! For example, one of the many things we like to do here at GiftTree is take group walks to a local park. It is essential to get away for a few minutes, grab some fresh air, and when the sun is out, get some much needed Vitamin D. Here are some creative and easy ways to add more movement to your workday!

11 Creative Ways to Add More Movement to Your Workday

  • Take the stairs – Throughout the day you should try and find as many ways to move, get up from your desk, and/or take the stairs if you can; even if you work on the first floor!
  • Go for a walk outside – Take 10 to 15 minutes to walk outside, breathe some fresh air every day (weather permitting) and get re-energized for the rest of your day.
  • Take advantage of an onsite or local gym during your lunch break – Many offices and campuses now offer onsite gyms that are either free or discounted. If you do not have access to one, check out the area to see if there are any studios or gyms for a quick sweat session!
  • Sit on an exercise ball – Good posture while you work is a form of exercise. It can increase blood flow, improve your balance, and strengthen your core.
  • Walk around your building – Sitting for 6 hours+ significantly impairs vascular function. Taking a walk for only 10 minutes after prolonged sitting can reverse the damage. Easy peasy!
  • Park far away – Take more steps by simply parking farther away from your building.
  • Bike to work – The transition from driving to biking to work can be a big lifestyle shift. Although it can be a financial investment it’s one of the most impactful decisions you can make for yourself.
  • Stand up often – If you’re tied to your desk for several hours and cannot break away to go for a short walk, do the next best thing. Just stand up!
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk – Avoid the temptation to eat while you work. Better yet, get outside to eat and incorporate a nice walk into your lunch break.
  • Make face-to-face visits – It’s the little movements throughout the day that really add up!
  • Stretches at your desk – Aside from making sure that you’re sitting in a good chair, don’t forget that you can still “move” even when you’re seated.

Healthy Options at GiftTree

Along with finding more ways to add movement to your workday, eating healthy tends to be a resolution for each new year. Most importantly, did you know that at GiftTree we offer some healthy fruit and snack options in our gift baskets? For example, below are a variety of gifts from our Fruit Baskets collection.

Harvest Fruit & Snacks

We fill our signature harvest box to the brim with fresh-from-the-orchard fruits picked at the peak of perfection.

Orchard Harvest

This crop of fresh fruit, nuts, candies and more fills a rustic barrel basket with lid and handle. In conclusion, it’s as fun to open as it is to enjoy.

Nuts & Harvest Crate

Dried fruits and plump nuts are fresh from the orchard in this enduring crate. Four sections reach the brim with healthy snacks and a little indulgence. It’s perfect for the gourmand in your life.

Five Star Fruit

Above all, these fresh fruits combine with gourmet sweets and many more snacking favorites. This gift will prompt nothing less than a five star review.

Business Gifts

At GiftTree we offer gift inspiration on a daily basis with our “Reasons to Give” and “Gifts by Industry” categories. Did you know we have Business Gift Advisors that can help with all of your business and corporate gifting needs? We are just a phone call a way and ready to make your shopping experience a seamless one!