Not every special occasion is a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement. There are plenty of special occasions that don’t quite fit into a category, and it’s hard to know how to celebrate, even if we would like to. Let’s say a friend gets a promotion at their job, or your cousin joins in a domestic partnership with their significant other. Your next door neighbors are sending their last kid off to college, or your nephew is celebrating 10 years of sobriety… these are all momentous occasions that deserve to be celebrated, but it can be hard to know how! That’s where GiftTree comes in. When it comes to our curated collection, you’ll find so many gifts on our website really allow you to think outside the box. Between our personalized gifts, our delicious epicurean collection and our classic gift baskets overflowing with goodies, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for celebrating any of life’s unique events. Here are some of our favorites!

4364ax_As-Good-As-Gold (3)

As Good As Gold

This sunny gift basket makes the perfect congratulations gift, and that can really go a long way on a unique occasion. Gourmet chocolate drizzled popcorn, Ghirardelli caramel squares, Meyer lemon rolled wafers and so much more are collected in this gorgeous basket with real leather handles. Wouldn’t this be a great gift to send to your brother, who just got promoted to senior level at his company?

Embossed Fine Leather Journal

We love the idea of giving this journal as a gift to commemorate a sobriety milestone. Sourced and crafted from soft, supple leather and 192 pages of high quality paper, this leather journal will become the constant companion of anyone who receives it, as they use it to journal, take down notes and reminders, and connect the imagination to the written word.


Moscato & Turkish Delight Pairing Gift

A bottle of Italian Moscato d’Asti, perfectly effervescent with a bouquet of white peaches and orange blossoms, is paired with traditional Turkish Delights, one of the most popular and well-loved treats, representing Turkish hospitality. Not overly sweet with just the right consistency, these Turkish Delights are made with double roasted pistachios for that unqiue blend of sweet and salty. Imagine sending this to your neighbors, who just sent their last kid off to college! How sweet.

7359w_Sweet-Celebration-Fruit-BasketSweet Celebration Fruit Gift Basket

Let’s say a guest speaker has come to your company to share his knowledge. He’s gone out of his way to spend time with your employees – give him a gift basket that’s worth his time! The Sweet Celebration is a collection of succulent fresh fruit, sweet dried pineapple, lots of gourmet chocolates and even a bottle of sparkling French lemonade to sip and savor.

Graduation, getting married and having kids are the biggest parts of life, sure, but there are so many events that happen between those that deserve to be celebrated. The next time you need to celebrate a unique life event, look to GiftTree to help you say everything you need to say, and never let the moment pass by!