Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate a company milestone, welcome or reward an employee, affirm your client relations or thank the customers who are essential to your company’s success, business gifts are the perfect way to honor the occasions and people who matter the most to your business. But for many business owners, professionals and executives, it’s important to know the ground rules of business gifting.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Company’s Gift Giving Policies. It may not be common knowledge, but there are both federal laws pertaining to corporate gifting, that vary by the industry or the reason for the gift. Companies put these laws into policies to make sure that they stay compliant with practice policies. So before you give any gift, confirm with your Human Resources Department and get a copy of your business’ policies on gifting. If there are monetary limits or restrictions you need to know, it can save some trouble down the line.

2. Give at the Right Time. Timing is everything, and knowing the best time to give your gift will always keep your company’s reputation in check. If you’re in the middle of contract negotiations, it is definitely not the right time to send a gift and risk your intentions being misinterpreted as a bribe. It’s always best to wait until any and all contracts are finalized – the the gift can’t be misconstrued as anything but a symbol of your appreciation.

3. Know Your Audience. Gifts that have been obviously selected at random look exactly that – randomly selected. Gift giving is just as much about you, the giver, as it is about the recipient. Give a well-thought-out gift and you will be seen as thoughtful – so ask yourself, “who am I shopping for and what are their preferences?”. Knowing these answers is imperative in choosing gifts that resonate with clients, colleagues or employees. Also, it is imperative that you show sensitivity to cultural differences. For example, many cultures and religions refrain from alcohol, so a bottle of wine or a personalized flask will come across as highly insensitive and inappropriate.

4. Include a Meaningful Gift Message. Whether it’s congratulations or appreciation, don’t let your sentiments go understated. Sure, it might be simple to just to sign the card saying “Thanks for all you do!”, but if you want your gift to have an impact, the card that accompanies it needs to say more. Are you thanking a customer for their business or showing an employee that you value their hard work? Write something like “We would not enjoy the success we have if it weren’t for your continued support,” or “We greatly appreciate you making us your first choice for business, and we thank you for giving us your time and trust.” 22577d_Classic-Confections-Gourmet-Gift-Tower

5. Presentation is Half the Elation. The impression a gift leaves with its recipient is greatly elevated by fancy presentation like bows and gift tags, personalization (see rule #6!) or beautiful wrapping and packaging. This comes especially handy if your business has monetary limits on individual gift-giving. When a gift looks like a million bucks, your company will, too. GiftTree knows the importance of great presentation and the impression that it leaves – that’s why we hand-tie satin ribbons around virtually all of our gifts, use keepsake containers for our baskets, and give our customers the option to add personalization. Which brings us to #6…

6. Reflect the Best of Your Brand. Engraving, imprinting, embossing or etching your company’s logo, your employee’s name or a personal message onto your gift is a perfect way to distinguish your company, captivate customers, and build up your employee culture. GiftTree embosses company logos directly onto hand tied satin ribbons and so many of our top-rated business gifts.

7. Define Generosity. What’s better than “bigger is better”? Quality over quantity. But the good news is that here at GiftTree, we can safely say that our business gift baskets are the bestof both worlds! Spoil that team of employees or the staff at your partner office by sending one of our generous gift baskets filled with fare to please every palate. Our generous baskets and towers encourage sharing, connection and are guaranteed to contain snacks, sweets and something for everyone.

8. Keep Track of What You Send, And to Whom. Keep track of your gifting history! The last thing you’d want to do is give an amazing, generous birthday gift one year and completely forget about the next. Your company will come across as disorganized, or at the very least, thoughtless. Consider taking advantage of the GiftTree Business Advantage! Our team of helpful Gift Advisors offer a Gift History Management Program. Not only do they keep all of your recipients’ addresses organized and updated, they offer reminders of special occasions and exclusive discounts.


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