Bottom line: business gifts are good business. They improve the loyalty of customers, service level of suppliers and productivity of employees. No matter how big or small your company is, it’s wise to have a realistic plan for business gifting. Executed properly, corporate gift-giving as part of your business strategy has surprising results.  Now that you’ve mastered the ground rules of business gifting, here are three strategies to maximize your ROI through gifts


1. Segment Gifts to Reflect Relationships. 
Create tiers for the value of your business gifts. Not every partner, employee, client, supplier or referral is equal. When you place a higher emphasis on your most valuable relationships, you leave the biggest impression where it matters the most. Use the 80/20 rule. This says that 20% of gifts produce 80% of your ROI. Understand which of your relationships produce the greatest results. This determines how you can drop costs associated with less valuable relationships. Shop by price with GiftTree’s business gift collection and find the perfect gift for every business relationship.


2. Know This: Impression And Timing Are Everything. 
Give the perfect gift, on budget, at the right time and your company looks like a million bucks. Give the impression that you spent a high amount when you really came in under budget. Giving at a thoughtful time will always keep your company’s reputation in check. GiftTree has many ways of helping you achieve these goals, starting with presentation. Satin ribbons, personalized plaques, logo branding and keepsake baskets make a grand entrance. Next is quality: our gourmet food and wine goes through lots of taste testing to ensure top-tier quality. And timing: make a good impression at the right time with one or two day shipping.


3. Invest LESS TIME In Your Business Gifting!
 Business gifting with GiftTree is virtually effortless. Through address book management and recommendations, our Gift History tool shortens shopping time. Did you know GiftTree has a Birthday Club? Never miss the special day of anyone in your company again! Call 800.379.4064 today and speak with one of our expert Business Gift Advisors. They’re standing at the ready to work collaborate with you to achieve these three strategies to maximize your ROI.


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