All About Sweetest Day

All About Sweetest Day

This Saturday, October 19th is Sweetest Day! “What is Sweetest Day?,” you ask, “Isn’t it just like Valentine’s Day?” Well, not a lot of people know about this lovely Midwest tradition, but here at GiftTree, we’re all about Sweetest Day! It’s actually not a romantic holiday for couples at all – think of it more as a “Gesture of Kindness Day”.

Since the early 1920s, Sweetest Day has been a Midwest tradition, taking place every third Saturday in October. Originally, a candy maker in Ohio named Herbert Birch Kingston created the holiday not because he wanted to sell candy, but because he wanted to give it away as a gesture of kindness to the poor, the needy and the orphaned children in the city of Cleveland. Sweetest Day’s original name was “The Sweetest Day of the Year”, because its intention was to offer everyone an opportunity to remember those less fortunate than oneself and do something sweet.

Today, people give each other Sweetest Day gifts in the form of candy, flowers, or greeting cards to those who may sometimes feel forgotten about, to show that they’re in fact thought about often, appreciated, cared for and loved. GiftTree has a great collection of Sweetest Day gifts – here are some of our personal favorites, guaranteed to make everyone feel special! If you order before 2pm on Wednesday 10.12.16, your gift will make it to its destination in time for Saturday’s Sweetest Day.



Blooming Splendor

A study in loveliness, this pretty pastel bouquet is made with classic flowers for a look that is fresh from the garden. A stylish, sparkling lavender glass cube vase holds a fresh bouquet of pastel blossoms, ready to brighten up any home or office.








Generous Gourmet Nuts and Chocolate Basket

The perfect gift basket to indulge a sweet tooth, including coconut praline pecans, Ghirardelli hazelnut chocolate and an irresistible milk chocolate waffle cone caramel bar!








The Godiva Chocolatier Collection – This Sweetest Day, send your very best wishes with this generous and decadent gift. Presented in a keepsake book replica, this one-of-a-kind collection of fine Godiva chocolates is one of our most popular gifts and a joy to receive.










One Dozen Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Celebrate Sweetest Day with this eye catching, decadent gift. A harvest of big, ripe strawberries and are dipped and drizzled in smooth creamy milk and rich dark Belgian chocolates, creating an indulgent, luscious gift.











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Who would you give a Sweetest Day gift to?

  1. Gosh, I’m one of these person who even prefer homemade gifts. I just love it, becouse it cost not much money, but I appreciate the commitment in preparation a gift like that for me.
    And I’m also one of these person who also love to give homemade gifts. Thant’s how I found this great blog.

  2. I had no idea this day existed and I love the tradition! I can’t wait to celebrate Sweetest Day next year with my family and friends.

  3. My most favorite chocolate is belgian pralines fromWommelgem, near Antwerpen. It’s not very famous, but delicious…

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