De-Stress The Office

De-Stress The Office

What does your company do when it’s up against a deadline? Teams are running around like mad, there’s a definite time crunch and in the air, the stress-levels could be cut with a knife. If you’re in a leadership role, you know those bottle-neck times all too well. Did you know that 80% of employees said the overall condition of their office affected how they perceive their employers?  There are many small changes that you can make to the atmosphere, behaviors and habits that will help de-stress the office. Here are some of our favorite tips.

The Best Ways to De-Stress the Office


🌿 Bring in Plants

Greenery in the office adds much-needed oxygen and humidity to dry air. Some people believe that they even help build creativity and solution-finding, too! Indoor plants that don’t need a lot of attention, like Peace Lilies, are a great idea.


🖥️ Properly Position Chairs, Desks, Keyboards and Monitors

Check in with your team’s setup during crunch time. Bad posture and strained eyes can contribute to a lot of negative effects including stiffness and pain, which definitely cause crankiness. We actually found this (very nerdy) ergonomic calculator to be really handy!


🍎 Encourage Healthy Snacking

Fresh fruit, mixed nuts and protein-rich snacks (such as beef jerky or hard-boiled eggs) are great for keeping your brain focused and your stomach full. Chips, candy, sugary sodas, while delish at the time, won’t keep you full, and studies have shown that they contribute to heightened stress levels and poor focus.


🏃‍♀️ Get Moving

Exercise is a proven stress-reducer, and sometimes people are looking for a little motivation to get moving. How about a running club, a walking lunch, a golf or racquetball league? These types of physical activities can be done on lunch break or after work, and they encourage fitness, motivation, team-building and positive attitudes.


🔥 Check Those Temps

Take a consensus: are your employees FREEZING or ROASTING? Act accordingly! Temperature control is an easily avoidable stress-inducer. If the building is temperature controlled, offer your employees a personalized company sweatshirt! According to this study, 59% of employees said their productivity improved when their working environment improved. Do whatever you need to do to make your employees aware that you care about their working conditions.


🔍 Be the Role Model

Check in with yourself and your own behavior during stressful moments. Do you raise your voice? Do you start bad-mouthing the client? Does your face turn beet-red? Whether or not you’re in a leadership position, YOU can set the stage for the attitudes and stress-levels of the employees around you.





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