The Home Chef’s Gift Guide

The Home Chef’s Gift Guide

She’s a master in the kitchen, he’s a genius with a mixing bowl… isn’t it great to have awesome cooks in our lives? When there’s a good chef in the house, we get to reap all the benefits. That’s why special occasions are a great opportunity to say “thanks for the delicious meals you’ve created!” Here are some great gift ideas for the home chef, from GiftTree and beyond.


The Home Chef’s Gift Guide

Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle

Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle, GiftTree.


Serving Board from Wildly Delicious

Olive Wood Serving Board, WildlyDelicious.



Himalayan Salt Block & Cookbook by Mark Bitterman

Himalayan Salt Block & Mark Bitterman Cookbook, TheMeadow.



Brie & Brulée Torch, Petit Maison

Petit Maison Brie / Bruleé Torch, Petit Maison.



Eight-Vial Sourced Salts, Jacobsen Salt Co.

Eight Vial Sourced Salt Set, Jacobsen Salt Co.



Home Chef’s Fresh Herb Crate, GiftTree

Home Chef’s Fresh Herb Crate, GiftTree.



Cheese Knife Set, Boska Holland

Professional Oak Handled Cheese Knife Set, Boska Holland.



Cotton Cook’s Apron by Blackberry Farm

Cotton Cook’s Apron, Blackberry Farm.



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  1. My Mother got crazy when she got cheese knife set. Got some yum dishes to eat. thanks

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