Celebrate National Cheese Day!

Celebrate National Cheese Day!

You may want to be sitting down for this…


June 3rd is National Cheese Day!!! Every year, Americans eat about 30 pounds of cheese, and if you’re French, it’s closer to 50. For cheese lovers, the word “love” doesn’t quite go far enough to describe our passion and devotion to cheese. Whether oozing out of a sandwich, melting on a nacho, piled on pizza or sliced on its own, cheese is the most important culinary creation in the history of the world.  The conclusion? Cheese is necessary for the continued survival of the human race. And so, today is that sacred day  to honor the glory and majesty that is cheese. Here at GiftTree, we think the best way to celebrate cheese day is by sending a fellow cheese-lover one of these top-rated gifts.

Top Rated Cheese & Charcuterie Gifts for National Cheese Day


Top Shelf Cheese & Charcuterie Basket

All-natural, salty, creamy Prosciutto from Niman Ranch is joined by Danish blue and smoked apple walnut cheeses, olives and Fermin Salchichon Iberico. crafted from wild pigs who roam the hillsides of the Iberian Peninsula feeding only on acorns. Honestly, tasting is believing! Iberico ham is prized all around the world.










The French Connection

Relax in luxury with this spread of French cheeses and charcuterie that’s nothing short of magnifique! World-renowned Murray’s cheese makers cut every cheese to order, gently wrapping it in specialty paper and shipping with ice packs to preserve its perfect condition.








Gourmand’s Cheese Selection

A delicious journey through the tastes and textures of four different cheeses, from creamy and delicate to sharp and nutty! This bountiful assortment of cheese and provisions is nothing short of extraordinary. Presented in a Murray’s insulated picnic cooler, it’s a gracious offering for those with excellent taste.











Artisan Cheese Hamper

Our premium collection of artisan cheese from around the world! In fact, it includes handcrafted favorites that will delight and amaze the cheese lover. We also include choice gourmet foods to enhance each cheese’s unique flavor.








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