June is Rose Month

June is Rose Month

🌹June is Rose month! Did you know every birth month has its own flower? In fact, each of those flowers has its own dedicated meaning. The Romans began this tradition, and the Victorian era also brought floriography, the language of flowers. During the Victorian age, it was considered improper to express your true feelings out loud. So in order to avoid that, flowers were given coded messages through their color! That way, the sender’s sentiments would be delivered right to the object of their affection. June’s birth flower, the rose, comes in a full rainbow of colors. Therefore, it has many intricate meanings. In fact, an entire letter could be composed with just a bouquet of roses! Here are some of the meanings behind roses’ popular colors.

Floriography in Roses


Red Roses: Passion, Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect

Overall, sending red roses is sending a message of passionate love. The color red was the preferred color of roses for a sweetheart to receive. In fact, we still consider red roses to be “the romantic rose”. That’s why it is still a custom to give your beloved red roses! To give one red rose, simply means “I love you”.


Send a red rose bouquet here!




Yellow Roses: Joy, Friendship, Welcome


The yellow rose has gone through quite a transformation in meanings, and its meaning is still varied throughout different countries. Here in the United States, the Victorian-era meaning of yellow roses was actually jealousy! But the times have changed, and now yellow roses mean “being your friend is a joy”.


Deliver yellow roses to a friend here!




Pink Roses: Sweetness, Kindness, Gratitude, Grace, Get Well

Pink roses have mostly platonic meanings, and they’re perfect for sending as a get well wish. The darker pink shades, such as hot pink or fuchsia, can mean appreciation and gratitude, and are traditionally used to express thanks.


Send perfectly pink roses here.





White Roses: Innocence, Youthfulness, Security, Happiness

White roses aren’t just for weddings! In the Victorian era, a dozen white roses meant “sworn to secrecy”. Known as the flower of light, white roses make a heavenly gift.


Deliver heavenly white roses here!





According to this article from Owlcation, there are other meanings associated with roses that were used for ceremonies or gifts:

  • The peach colored rose means friendship.
  • Bouquet of mature blooms – Gratitude
  • Tea Roses – “I’ll always remember you”
  • Rose Bud with leaves, no thorns – “I fear no longer, I hope.”
  • Half bloom Rose – timid Love
  • Rose Leaf – Symbol of Hope
  • Coral Rose- Speak your desire


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