The Best Gifts for Admin’s Day

The Best Gifts for Admin’s Day

Administrative Professional’s Day, or Admin’s Day, is next Wednesday! While National Secretaries Day was its original name, Admin’s Day began in 1952. At an ad agency, a publicist named Harry Klemfuss observed the great responsibility placed on the company’s secretary. So Harry the public relations manager, championed for more awareness of the value of the job that secretaries do. He created Secretaries Day with the goal of encouraging more women to become secretaries (nowadays, women and men, of course – we think Klemfuss would agree).

Administrative Professional’s Day  – April 24

While the name has evolved with the times, recognizing these vital individuals has grown, too. It may mean different roles and responsibilities in different companies and organizations, but the overarching theme is this: Admins Day is all about appreciating those in administrative roles who keep it all on track, day after day. Here are the perfect gifts to thank your admins on April 24th.


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