Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Welcome to another edition Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving by hearing from our wonderful customers themselves. Whether they’re honoring relationships, feeling grateful, or simply being there for one another, Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories is all about the greatest gift we can give to one another: connection.

So why do we gift? Our customer Angel wrote to us:

“My college-aged daughter was in a car accident while driving along through a town that she knew nothing about. We were 6 hours away! The local community hospital is small and very family-oriented. One of the doctors had just left from doing his rounds when he came upon my daughter’s car accident. He took care of her, called me and gave me details with a very calm voice, then he took her to the local hospital where he and his nursing staff fed her, cared for her and kept her safe and comfortable until someone could arrive. The doctor and staff blessed our family beyond words, so gifting something as a small token of the gift they gave to us just made sense. We will forever be grateful for them.”

Isn’t that amazing? That Doctor, having just left a probably very long shift at the hospital didn’t hesitate to stop and help, going above-and-beyond his call of duty. Believe it or not, here at GiftTree we get dozens of these kinds of emails every week – gift-givers telling us the stories of the amazing medical care that they received. We’re pretty sure Doctors and Nurses are Saints, at this point!

National Doctor’s Day is Saturday, March 30th

Speaking of which, did you know that National Doctor’s Day is Saturday, March 30th? If you’ve ever had an excellent Doctor looking over you or your family, this day is the perfect opportunity to send your gratitude. Send a gift for Doctor’s day from our collection – here are some great ideas!

Thank You Gift for Doctor

Fruit Baskets & Towers

Thank You Gift for Doctor

Fresh Flowers

Thank You Gift for Doctor

Wine Gift Baskets



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