Send a Little Luck: St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

Send a Little Luck: St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

Get your green suspenders out of the back of the closet and stock up on Guinness – this Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wishing you could celebrate Saint Patty’s Day with a friend or loved one who is across the miles? Do the next best thing – send a sunny green Saint Patrick’s Day bouquet or gift! A bright and blossoming bunch of flowers or a beautiful gift is sure to bring Saint Patrick’s Day charm to any home or office. Keep on reading to see some of our favorite gifts from this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day collection!

Did you know there are over 33 million Americans of Irish descent in the US? There are so many, in fact, that St. Patty’s Day celebrations actually started as a tradition here, only later to be adopted by the country of Ireland itself. Saint Patrick is Ireland’s most famous Patron Saint. St. Patrick was a missionary in the fifth century who is credited with bringing the Christian faith to the Emerald Isle. Today, Irish communities and organizations all over the world celebrate with parades, wearing lots of green clothing and indulging in traditional Irish food and drink. Corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, shepherd’s pie, Irish Cream-flavored desserts, Guinness, Jameson and lots of foods that have been dyed with green food coloring are among the many treats and dishes served!

St. Patrick’s Day Flowers & Gifts

Emerald Elegance

Tree Of Enchantment

Fresh From the Orchard In Love With Lime


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May the Luck o’ the Irish smile on ya!


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