Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Welcome to another edition Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving by hearing from our wonderful customers themselves. Whether they’re honoring relationships, feeling grateful, or simply being there for one another, Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories is all about the greatest gift we can give to one another: connection.

So why do we gift? Our customer Kelley writes:

“My best friend and her husband were moving into a new place. I couldn’t be there to help. I wanted them to enjoy the experience and have something to celebrate with, since all their things would be in boxes. I thought of flowers or house plants, but knew they would enjoy a box of goodies so much more. They were thrilled! And they were surprised to see how much was in the gift! They loved the packaging and the little scissors included to help open it (since their scissors were packed away). They sat in the middle of the floor surrounded by boxes and enjoyed the wine and yummy snacks, just as I envisioned it. Thank you GiftTree for making this a great experience all around. We will definitely be using you again!”


Thanks for the kind words, Kelley! We’re all about perfect presentation, top shelf wine and snacks, and being there for your friends and family, even when you’re miles apart. Discover GiftTree.com‘s collection of gifts that leave a lasting impression for every occasion.

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