2019 Valentine’s Day Flowers

2019 Valentine’s Day Flowers

When you ask people what their favorite gifts to receive is, it’s not a big surprise that flowers are towards the top of the list. Nothing brightens a room or brings a sparkle to the eye quite like fresh, beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers. And Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to send bouquets! Did you know that every year, 224,000,000 roses are grown in the US in anticipation for Valentine’s Day? That’s 224 BILLION roses! While you try to wrap your mind around that number, check out GiftTree’s incredibly beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day flowers this year.


Keepsake Vases

Be My Beloved

Delicate Heart

Happy Harmony


Ravishing Roses

Cupid’s Creation

Kiss of the Rose

Heart & SoulĀ  (Better)


Playful Pinks & Purples

Falling For You

Pink Reflections

Posh Pinks


Embracing the Unconventional

Sweet Thoughts

Happy You’re Mine

Exquisite Beauty


There are SO many more fabulous flower and gift ideas in this year’s Valentine’s Day collection. CLICK HERE to see the rest of the Valentine’s Day Gift Collection!



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