Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories

Welcome to another edition Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving by hearing from our wonderful customers themselves. Whether they’re honoring relationships, feeling grateful, or simply being there for one another, Why We Gift Wednesday: Your Stories is all about the greatest gift we can give to one another: connection.

So why do we gift? Our customer Mary wrote to us:

“A friend since elementary school, I never thought I would see her again, many years later we wound up buying houses directly across the street from each other! With full time jobs and all of “life” filling up the 24/7/365 schedule we rarely talked or saw each other. I retired three years ago, and now my friend retired- YEEEHAAAAAW!!! Super happy and excited for her and looking forward to seeing lots more of her!”

What’s better than time spent together, especially after some years have gone by? We’re so excited for Mary and her friend, and we hope they’re having a wonderful time enjoying their retirements together.

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