Add Some Color to Your Gifts!

Add Some Color to Your Gifts!

Now that it’s summer time, the drab grays, whites, blacks and tans in gift-giving just won’t do. Whether you’re sending a gift for a birthday gift, celebrating an anniversary, sending a business gift or just a cute present to show someone that you’re thinking of them, summer is the perfect time to add a little bit of joy and color! Summer is a time of vibrancy, of luscious palettes and bright happiness, and here at GiftTree we think gift-giving should reflect that same spirit of the season too! Here are a few of our favorite exclusive offerings to help you add some color to your gifts.


Isn’t this such an adorable birthday gift? It’s the Birthday Bliss Gourmet Gift Tower! Five colorful boxes are stacked in a tower, each one opening to reveal delicious and delightful birthday surprises. From fruity candies to an old fashioned crankshaft music box, this birthday tower will have the whole party jumping for joy.


The Chocolate Bounty Duo is a veritable bounty of over 40 gourmet chocolates from famous chocolatiers Lindt and Ghirardelli. The collection is presented in a sophisticated two-box tower, all tied up with a festive hand-tied satin ribbon.


The Exceptional Gourmet Gift Tower is perfect for virtually any special occasion and carries a lot of beautiful color! Filled to the brim with gourmet candies like Champagne gummy bears, peach rings, fruit slices and savory snacks, this tower is great for groups and is sure to be remembered.


With luscious candies, confections and so much more, The Sweet Life Gourmet Gift Tower is truly a taste of the sweet life.Sweets and treats abound in this beautiful gift tower that’s ready to uplift any special occasion. Tied up with a blue satin ribbon, your recipient will absolutely love opening each and every box to see what gourmet delight awaits them inside.

And of course, who can forget Nature’s crown jewels of color – fresh and blooming flowers! Our collection of bouquets is the perfect choice to send a little Summer color.


Explore GiftTree’s collection of Summer Gifts for even more unique gift ideas!

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