Sippable Summertime Drinks

Sippable Summertime Drinks

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods this week? Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re certainly kicking off the first days of summer in a sizzling style – the temperatures are holding fast at 90 degrees all week. In this steamy weather, nothing sounds better than refreshing summer drinks, chilled to perfection with lots of ice. Here are a few of our favorite summer beverages to help you beat the heat this summer! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all the fresh herbs and fruits to craft up delicious cocktails and mocktails – here are a few of our favorite and most sippable summertime drinks.


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Strawberries, watermelon and summer go together like sunshine and sprinklers, and this Sparkling Strawberry Watermelon Cooler is the perfect cool-down after a long hot day working in the garden.

makes 4 coolers 

10 mint leaves, roughly chopped

12 medium strawberries, sliced

4 cups seedless watermelon, cubed

20 oz. club soda

cubed or crushed ice

How To Prepare

It’s pretty simple: in a large pitcher, combine all the ingredients!

 Cocktail Version: Add 1 oz white rum (such as Bacardi) to each glass before pouring.


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Summer is all about the in-season produce, and that includes herbs and citrus! This  Lemon Thyme Sparkler has a unique and delicious flavor profile that’s just begging to be sipped on the back patio.

makes 1 sparkler

2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 oz. gin

4 oz. club soda

juice of ½ lemon

dash of simple syrup

1 sprig of thyme & lemon slice for garnish

How to Prepare

In a shaker, muddle the thyme, syrup and lemon together. Add the gin and shake, pour over ice and top with soda.

Mocktail Version: Replace the gin and club soda with 5 oz lemon-lime soda.



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Does your party of the country have tons (and tons, and tons) of ripe blackberries all summer like ours?  Put those berries to work and make a delicious Blackberry Basil Fizz Mocktail – or Mojito, if you prefer! Herbaceous, sweet, tart and fruity – it’s absolutely perfect for this time of year.

makes 1 mocktail

5 fresh blackberries

3 leaves fresh basil

2 tbsp simple syrup

club soda

lemon lime soda

crushed or cubed ice

How to Prepare

Muddle blackberries and basil together in the bottom of a glass. Add simple syrup, fill the glass with ice. Top with equal parts club soda and lemon-lime soda until the glass is full.

Mojito Version: Replace the lemon lime soda with white rum, about 1.5 oz.

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