Friday’s Featured Artisan – Kopper’s Chocolate

Friday’s Featured Artisan – Kopper’s Chocolate

26926a_Cocktail-Hour-Chocolate-Cordials-CollectionWelcome to Friday’s Featured Artisan! Each week, we focus on one of the many talented individuals and companies whose perfect products are proudly featured in GiftTree gifts. It may be a master chocolatier, a gourmet cheesemonger or a talented artist – GiftTree is here to connect their meaningful stories to the discovery of your next great gifting moment.


Kopper’s Chocolate was founded by Fred “Pappi” stern who fled Nazi Germany with his family. Fred partnered with David Kopper, a European chocolatier, to combine old world chocolate sophistication with new world confectionary innovation. Kopper’s was the first company in the United States to combine chocolate and coffee and to make chocolate lentils (m&ms would follow).  And while the rest of the country was consuming milk chocolate, Kopper’s pioneered the market for high quality dark chocolate, setting the stage to become one of the world’s best chocolate panners. For more than 80 years, Kopper’s chocolates such as cordials, are still proudly made by hand in small batches at their New Jersey headquarters.

GiftTree is a proud partner of Kopper’s Chocolate, and we’re delighted to offer two exclusively curated gifts to our chocolate collection – the Chocolate Espresso Bean Collection, with six varieties of robust espresso beans enrobed in rich chocolate, and the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Cordials Collection – a tasting menu of six chocolate liqueurs including rum, blackberry brandy, amaretto and Champagne.

These unique and delicious chocolate gifts are perfect for so many different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, Father’s Day to Employee gifts.



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