What Goes into the Perfect Wine Gift Basket?

What Goes into the Perfect Wine Gift Basket?

At GiftTree, our collection of wine gift baskets might seem effortlessly elegant, but it’s actually a very complicated process to put together a wine basket that’s versatile, interesting and pleasing to every palate. Our team is made up of seasoned designers, sommeliers and food critics – each one dedicated to putting every single component through a tough process of testing, tasting, and making sure its quality is worthy of our exclusive gift baskets. So what goes into the perfect wine gift basket?

21017f_The-Premier-SelectionWe begin by selecting the keepsake container. Our baskets and hampers are always made of enduring materials and they’re intended to be repurposed long after the gift basket goodies have been enjoyed. So we begin with the aesthetic of what the basket will look like – leather? Wicker? Tailored and sophisticated? Oh, the possibilities.

7821g_Wine-Trio-Travel-ToteNext comes the star of the show – the wine. It’s the centerpiece, the showcase, the cornerstone upon which the rest of the basket is built. The varietal (Pinot Noir? Cabernet?) and the label all come into play. When you intentionally give someone a wine gift basket, the wine is naturally the most important detail! You know your recipient has a discerning palate. The good thing is, so do the experts at GiftTree! You can rest assured that every bottle in our wine gift baskets has been thoroughly tasted and deemed worthy of one of our baskets!

Now we get to fill up the basket with pairings to please the palate! The tasting notes of the wine come into play here, and it’s also important that your wine is paired with gourmet fare that’s both savory and sweet, since no wine is only good with one or the other. Our sommeliers and gourmands team up to create perfect menus of food and wine fireworks.

Let’s start with savory! Cheese is a great leaping-off point – from creamy Gouda to salty Asiago, cheese and wine are the quintessential pairing, so most of our wine baskets have some form of cheese! Our bestselling 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket has an absolutely heavenly Camembert along with perfectly crisp olive oil crostini for spreading. We also love to pair our white wines with smoked salmon. The sweetness of white wine balances out the salty salmon. And you can’t go wrong with caviar and Champagne. The crisp, dry Champagne perfectly complements the piquancy of the caviar, creating a match that’s made in heaven. Some of our other savory pairings may come in the form of briny olives, roasted and salted almonds or cashews, crispy pretzels and even gourmet white cheddar popcorn.


21668b_Pacific-Northwest-Wine-Tasting-BasketBring on the sweets! When it comes to red wine, what’s better than chocolate? Dark or milk, filled with jams or nuts, we’ll take chocolate any which way it’s served. Our wine gift baskets have smooth melting chocolate in nearly every gift. Here at GiftTree we absolutely LOVE LINDOR truffles by Lindt. The texture is absolutely divine, and it’s a great match for silky wine. You can find them in almost every basket! Another one of our current favorites is the Godiva Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Tablet. It has that perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Once the gift basket has been expertly paired and artfully arranged, we add on all the extra details that really take your gift above and beyond. Did you know that you can personalize nearly every gift in our collection, including the wine gift baskets? Most of them come with an option of a personalized hand-tied satin ribbon or a silver hang-tag, engraved with your own chosen message. Next, we take your personal card message and insert it into a high-quality card stock envelope that gets tied to the gift basket, never printed on the packing slip. To top it all off, a complimentary pair of scissors is attached to the gift, so your recipients won’t need to contain their excitement for too long – just snip it open and enjoy!

So what’s it like when your recipient receives a GiftTree wine gift basket? See for yourself!

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