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Make Spirits Bright with Holiday Bouquets

Make Spirits Bright with Holiday Bouquets

With all the party planning, shopping, wrapping and cooking that’s added to everyday life, the month of December can be pretty hectic! Sometimes I think that’s why Christmas decorations and holiday lights are so wonderful – it’s that little break from the chaos, a moment to take in the beauty of the season and reflect on the magic of the holidays. And while tinsel and lights, figurines and garland are nice, there’s something extra special about bringing winter to the indoors with fresh and festive bouquets. Here are some of GiftTree’s favorite holiday arrangements to make spirits bright!



Woodland Winter Bouquet

This arrangement of crimson roses, snowy white carnations, frosted pinecones and aromatic sprigs of Doug Fir and eucalyptus definitely brings that winter wonderland feeling to the indoors this holiday season. Naturally elegant, the silver winter trees on this gorgeous glass cube add plenty of seasonal style.


Winter Kisses Bouquet

The contrast of scarlet roses and carnations against crisp white mums and lush evergreen accents presents a striking arrangement for the holidays! Presented in a couture glass vase, it’s perfect for sending holiday cheer to any home or office.


Vintage Sleigh Bouquet

How adorable is this vintage sleigh?! The holidays come to life with this merry arrangement of cedar and pine, ruby red roses and carnations, frosted pinecones and more. And the sleigh itself makes a wonderful keepsake – just envision it on the mantle, filled with mini lights and ornaments in future Christmases to come!


Let It Snow

Bring wintertime magic indoors with this arrangement of vivid white alstroemeria set against red winter berries and pretty roses. No matter how frightful the weather might be outside, it will be cozy and bright inside when you send this delightful winter white arrangement. Tied with a bright red satin ribbon, it’s truly charming.


Thomas Kinkade’s Festive Moments Bouquet

Mr. Christmas himself Thomas Kinkade’s holiday scenes come to life with this merry figurine, set atop an arrangement of frosted pinecones, magnolia leave and springs of pine, red roses, carnations and more. Light up the holiday season with this nostalgic Thomas Kinkade Christmas keepsake!


Holiday Soiree Bouquet

Helpful hint: the “Best” version of this arrangement has the addition of orchids, such a unique bloom for a holiday bouquet, right? You may not be able to guarantee a white Christmas, but with elegant touches like stunning red roses mixed with ornament balls and douglas fir, you can be assured of sending a merry and bright one!


Peace on Earth Bouquet

Serene and elegant as a winter snowfall, this collection of white roses, asiatic lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums in a mirrored cube vase brings a sense of rest and peace in the midst of the holiday bustle. And bonus – being called “Peace on Earth”, this bouquet is guaranteed to get that awesome duet of David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing in your head. 🙂

Check out the rest of our holiday collection – flowers or fruit, chocolate or wine, you’re sure to find something perfect for everyone on your list!

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