The Best Plant Gifts for Desks and Offices

The Best Plant Gifts for Desks and Offices

There are some things that Mother Natures knows how to say best with beautiful blossoms and lush green leaves. Here at GiftTree, we have a wide selection of gorgeous plant gifts to choose from, many of which are the perfect size to fit on a desk or accent an office. Whether you want to send a thank you to a colleague, condolences, or your significant other has an office that could use some livening up; we have you covered. Here is a small selection of some of favorite and best selling plant gifts.


Southern Magnolia Tree


The Southern Magnolia Tree is a unique and elegant gift for any special occasion. Known for its deep green leaves and large fragrant flowers, the magnolia tree is beautiful behold and easy to care for. At approximately 18” to 24” tall, each seedling comes covered in 100% natural jute, with a set of care instructions, small watering tool and gift card. The magnolia tree is a truly special gift with lasting meaning and value and each is grown with great care by one of the country’s most prominent magnolia nurseries.


From the Garden


If you’re looking for a gift that is appropriate for every occasion and shows how much you care, the From the Garden plant gift is the perfect choice. An assortment of plants, that may include varieties such as ivy, Kalanchoe, or Azalea (variety is dependent upon location and availability), is tucked inside a wicker basket and delivered straight to their store.


Peace Lilly


The Peace Lily plant gift is easy-to-care for and the perfect complement to any office. This elegant gift represents peace and beauty, with its lustrous, hearty dark green leaves and long lasting white flowers, it will be very much appreciated. Not to mention, it will liven up the recipient’s desk or office and it is hand delivered.


Serene Retreat Basket


The Serene Retreat Basket is a long-lasting gift of fresh greenery and will add a lovely sense of natural beauty to any desk or office. This gorgeous plant gift features a beautiful clay container filled with plants such as white hypoestes, green dieffenbachia, spathipyhllum, ficus, and fern. Lovely to behold and easy to upkeep, the living plants will provide enjoyment for many seasons to come.


Green Dish Garden


The Green Dish Garden plant gift is a lovely array of living plants, just the right size for a mid-size desk or table. Included in this gift are easy-to-care for green plants such as dracaena, ivy, palm, and syngonium. The plants all come artfully arranged in a low decorative bowl, which creates a long-lasting and vibrant arrangement, perfect to freshen up any office.

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