Great Gifts for the In-Laws

Great Gifts for the In-Laws

Welcome to GiftTree’s 20th Anniversary Blog Series: 20 Ways to Elevate Your Gift Giving. At GiftTree, we delight in taking ordinary gifting moments and transforming them into extraordinary ones. When a special occasion arises, giving a gift that doesn’t understate the sentiment is the cornerstone of gift-giving. Whether the gift-giving be professional or personal, throughout this series, we intend to focus in on what makes a good gifting moment great, as well as how you can learn to select the perfect gift for any milestone or cause for celebration.

Today we’re focusing our attention on some people who might not always seem like the easiest people to shop for: the in-laws.

The first step to finding a great gift for your in-laws (or anyone, really) is considering who they really are. Remember this solid rule: the best gift is one that is tailored to the recipient. So think about what your in-laws are interested in, and where they find joy! This should help you begin to narrow down your gift giving ideas. Buying great gifts for the in-laws can definitely be a precarious business – you want to find a gift that says “thank you for welcoming me into your family”, but not in an overly-aggressive way. If your gift is too small, you could look unappreciative, and if your gift is too large, you could give off the impression that you’re trying to buy their favor. But have no fear! GiftTree is here with a few ideas of perfect gifts for in-laws – gifts that aren’t over-the-top, that don’t let the occasion go understated, and gifts that basically say “thank you for raising my awesome significant other.” Onward!


For the Foodie In-Laws


Engraved Cheese Board with Tools

Constructed from solid pine, this wooden cheeseboard smoothly glides open to reveal four stainless steel cheese tools with wood handles, perfect for serving up artisan cheeses. It’s a striking gift for newlyweds, a housewarming, or to commemorate an anniversary. No matter the occasion, it’s sure to please your cheese-loving in-laws.


Mussini Italian Aged Balsamic

In the fertile Modena plains, where Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes flourish, the Mussini family’s balsamic vinegars have become quintessential to cooking with passion. “Emozione” is a 20 year aged balsamic that gives a truly unique flavor to any meat, fish, cheese, vegetable, bread, berry or dessert. Presented in a gift cube with a designated number in the series produced, this outstanding balsamic’s uses are virtually limitless.

For the Outdoorsy In-Laws


Picnic with Personalized Blanket

A picnic on the grass or sand is a lovely gesture of well wishing! The topside of the blanket is made of soft polyester fleece and the underside is water-resistant to protect the blanket from getting dampened or soiled. The Blanket Tote unfolds easily and refolds into a convenient carry tote featuring a closing flap complete with a zippered pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The gift is made all the better when it arrives with a filled picnic basket, overflowing with all the delicious makings of a perfect picnic on a sunny afternoon.


Lewis and Clark Compass

Inspired by the age of exploration, this beautifully crafted wooden compass is an exact replica of the compass used by Lewis and Clark during their perilous journey across the United States and into uncharted territories. Containing a complimentary monogram, period-accurate dial face and aged bronze needle, it’s a one-of-a-kind gift for those with an adventure spirit.

Whether your in-laws love to drink wine or cocktails, love to garden, or simply love to snack, our gift baskets hold the perfect gift for your in-laws.

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