Send Get Well Soon Gifts They’ll Love

Send Get Well Soon Gifts They’ll Love

Welcome to GiftTree’s 20th Anniversary Blog Series: 20 Ways to Elevate Your Gift Giving. At GiftTree, we delight in taking ordinary gifting moments and transforming them into extraordinary ones. When a special occasion arises, giving a gift that doesn’t understate the sentiment is the cornerstone of gift-giving. Whether the gift-giving be professional or personal, throughout this series, we intend to focus in on what makes a good gifting moment great, as well as how you can learn to select the perfect gift for any milestone or cause for celebration.

Has a friend, family member, co-worker or someone dear to you ever fallen ill, had a surgery or spent some time “laid up” from an injury? It’s the perfect time to send them an offering that lets them know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well during their recovery! If you really want to elevate the way you give gifts and the sentiment you portray when sending someone a get well gift, look to GiftTree! Explore our collection of get well gifts, and send a true blue gift that will have them on the road to recovery with lifted spirits along the way.

6774j_Get-Well-Medicine-CabinetFor Those Who Are Ill 

Send the Get Well Medicine Cabinet! A real medicine cabinet with a glass door and stainless steel lock (don’t worry – we pack it securely to ship safely!) arrives filled to the brim with Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, soothing Get Well Tea, a retro ice pack for fevers plus lots of little candies in cute labeled “medicine jars” for their time spent resting.


For Those Recovering from an Injury

The Healthy Choices Fruit Gift is perfect for those who may be laid up or healing from an injury. The perfect balance of health and indulgence is in this exclusive gift box, with ripe pears, juicy oranges, crisp apples and yummy, chewy cookies.


For Those In Need of Healing and Encouragement

The Jar of Get Well Wishes contains colorful envelopes containing a month’s worth of encouraging get well messages and quotes fill this keepsake glass jar to lift the spirits. The recipient can choose of the the 31 notes to open every day, or whenever they need a message of encouragement.

The next time you have an opportunity to let someone know you’re thinking of them during a rough time in their health, don’t let the moment go by – let them know you’re sending them thoughts of comfort and recovery.

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