Corporate Gifting: The Ground Rules

Corporate Gifting: The Ground Rules

Welcome to GiftTree’s 20th Anniversary Blog Series: 20 Ways to Elevate Your Gift Giving. At GiftTree, we delight in taking ordinary gifting moments and transforming them into extraordinary ones. When a special occasion arises, giving a gift that doesn’t understate the sentiment is the cornerstone of gift-giving. Whether the gift-giving be professional or personal, throughout this series, we intend to focus in on what makes a good gifting moment great, as well as how you can learn to select the perfect gift for any milestone or cause for celebration.

The first blog in our series focuses on what so many business owners, professionals and executives need to know: the ground rules of corporate gifting. Are you looking for ways to celebrate a company milestone, strengthen client relationships or thank customers who contribute to your company’s success? A corporate gift is the perfect way to honor your employees or let your clients and customers know how much you appreciate their business, but it’s important to know the following guidelines – eight ground rules for corporate gifting, inspired by this helpful article from Return Customer:

21738b_Italian-Roast-Coffee-Chest1. First and foremost, Confirm Your Company’s Gift-Giving Policies. Though it may not be common knowledge, there are actual laws pertaining to corporate gifting, as well as many policies put in place by companies to ensure that they’re in compliance with laws and practice policies. Before you give any gift, check with Human Resources for your company’s policies on gift-giving. There may be monetary limits or other restrictions that knowing beforehand could save some embarrassment or hassle down the line.

2. Timing is Everything. When do you plan to give your gift? If the gift is for a client with whom you’re in the middle of contract negotiations, it’s not the right time to send a gift, as it could be misinterpreted as a bribe. Best to wait until all contracts are finalized – then your gift is seen as a symbol of your appreciation. Always be sure that you have your company’s reputation in mind.

3. Consider the Group or Individual Receiving the Gifts. Know your audience! Before you choose a gift to give, ask yourself these questions: Who am I shopping for, and what are their preferences? Also, what is my intention, and what kind of message do I want to send? Gift-giving is just as much about the giver as it is the receiver – knowing the answers to the questions above will be useful in picking out a gift that resonates with the recipients. It’s also imperative that you show your company’s sensitivity to any cultural differences within the group of people you’re sending gifts to. For example, many religions and cultures don’t drink alcohol, so a bottle of wine would come across as highly inappropriate, or in the very least, insensitive.

4. Include a Meaningful Notecard. Sure, it’s quick and easy just to sign a card saying “Thanks for everything!”, but your gift will have more of an impact if the note that accompanies it says something a bit more meaningful. If you’re thanking a customer for their business, or an employee for their hard work, think about writing something like “We would not enjoy the success we have if it weren’t for your continued support.” Don’t let your sincere appreciation go understated! Now’s your chance to say what you really mean.

5. Presentation Matters. A fancy presentation really elevates the impression a gift leaves with the recipient. Having a hand-tied satin ribbon bow around the gift or a signature box can really make a good gift great. This comes especially in handy if your company puts a monetary limit on individual gifts (see #1). GiftTree hand-ties satin ribbons around virtually all of our gift baskets, and in most cases, that ribbon has the ability to be personalized, which brings us to #6…

6. Brand It! Adding your company’s logo is a great way to distinguish your brand, build employee culture and captivate customers and clients.22423a_Fruit-in-Branded-Crate With GiftTree, for example, you can strengthen business relationships and attract attention with your company’s logo embossed on our satin ribbons, hand-tied around virtually any of our impressive, top-rated gifts.

7. Define “Generosity”. It would be one thing to say “the bigger, the better” here, but really, your gift should be quality over quantity. Luckily with GiftTree, our baskets are a little of the best of both worlds. Gift baskets are a perfect way to show your appreciation to a group of employees, clients or customers. Not only do they encourage sharing and connection within the group, but they also cover a wide span of palates and tastes, containing arrays of snacks, sweets and something for everyone.

8. Remember The Gifts You Send. Now that you’ve picked out a thoughtful, culturally sensitive, meaningful and beautifully packaged gift, make sure you document what you gave and to whom. The next time a milestone rolls around, the last thing you’d want to do is repeat the offering, thereby negating all the meaning behind both gifts!

For more information about GiftTree’s Corporate Gifting Program, check out our info pages or reach out to us at 800.379.4064 or e-mail us at One of our Corporate Gift Services Associates will be happy to assist you in making your corporate gifts truly memorable. 


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