Why We Gift Wednesday – New Baby Edition

Why We Gift Wednesday – New Baby Edition

Welcome to Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving. Whether it’s honoring the relationships that we have, feeling grateful for an occasion or a special time of year, or relishing life’s simple joys, Why We Gift Wednesday is all about giving and generosity – the expression of appreciation for life’s many happy moments.

With April being one of the most common birthday months, on this Why We Gift Wednesday we’re celebrating new babies and all the celebrating that goes on when welcoming a new little one into the world. When it comes to sending a gift that really makes the milestone matter, a thoughtful baby gift that gets the whole family off to a great start is one of the reasons that we truly love giving. GiftTree offers a few beautiful baby gifts for the bouncing bundle of joy! From sweet personalized gifts that can be treasured forever, to inspired keepsakes and even sweet treats for mom and dad, our collection of gifts for the new baby has something for every family.


New Arrival Baby Tower

Welcome Baby Cable Knit Set

Letters to You Book


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What was the greatest gift you received as a new parent?

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