Friday’s Featured Artisan – Blackberry Farm

Friday’s Featured Artisan – Blackberry Farm

Welcome to Friday’s Featured Artisan! Each week, we focus on one of the many talented individuals and companies whose perfect products are proudly featured in GiftTree gifts. It may be a master chocolatier, a gourmet cheesemonger or a talented artist – GiftTree is here to connect their meaningful stories to the discovery of your next great gifting moment.

One of the world’s most celebrated culinary destinations isn’t an austere restaurant in New York City or Paris. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, Friday’s Featured Artisan Blackberry Farm is a full immersion into the world of fresh, artisanal, farm-to-table cuisine.

In its mastery of southern hospitality, Blackberry Farm navigates the line between rugged and refined in a perfect harmony of haute cuisine and foods indigenous to the Smoky Mountains. Owned and operated by a dedicated staff of farmers, gardeners, chefs and artisans, the self-supporting 4,200-acre gastronomic mecca is complete with heirloom gardens, orchards, a farmstead, apiary, dairy and creamery, salumeria, brewery, a legendary wine cellar, two award-winning gourmet restaurants, a wellness spa, and intimate luxury lodgings.

Teaming up with the artisans and culinary masters of Blackberry Farm, GiftTree is thrilled to unveil three exclusively curated gifts from the farm’s world-renowned larders.


Blackberry Farm Jam Collection

A collection of Blackberry Farm’s most prominent fruit jams – grown, picked and preserved from the farm’s own orchards and gardens. 12 oz. jars of Blackberry, Blueberry, Peach and Strawberry Rhubarb jams are gently arranged in a rustic Blackberry Farm signature birch box. Available only through GiftTree, this silky, tangy jams are perfect for anyone who loves the added touch of something sweet.







Blackberry Farm Exclusive Brunch Gift21263a_Blackberry-Farm-Exclusive-Brunch-Gift

This exquisite collection delivers the perfect morning in a gift curated exclusively for GiftTree. Delicious griddlecake and biscuit mixes are paired with many delightfully sweet toppings, like blueberry preserves and Appalachian maple syrup. Arranged with premium ham, bacon, and two pounds of grain and nut granola in a Blackberry Farm collectible crate, this plentiful menu delivers a truly Tennessee brunch.






Blackberry Farm Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection carries a perfectly stocked pantry in a complete gift, curated exclusively for GiftTree by Blackberry Farm. Arranged with three berry jams grown right in Blackberry Farm’s berry patches, mountain apple butter from their own orchards, mixes for cornbread and buttermilk biscuits, relish, pickles, okra and more, this plentiful gift delivers a taste of Tennessee and fine dining in one.






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