Why We Gift Wednesday – Parents Edition

Why We Gift Wednesday – Parents Edition

Welcome to Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving. Whether it’s honoring the relationships that we have, feeling grateful for an occasion or a special time of year, or relishing life’s simple joys, Why We Gift Wednesday is all about giving and generosity – the expression of appreciation for life’s many happy moments.

This Why We Gift Wednesday, we’re celebrating our parents and the essential guidance they give us, even after we’re all grown up. If you’ve been blessed with a wonderful mom or dad, hardly a day goes by where we don’t stop and think, “I wonder what my parents would do in this situation?” When we get married, we look to our parents for the example they set as a married couple. When we buy our house, we keep them involved throughout the whole process. When we raise our children, we ask our moms and dads if they think we’re doing it right. So even after we’ve become adults making all the big decisions, no matter how tall we get, we’ll always look up to mom and dad.

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