Friday’s Featured Artisan: Bee Local

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Bee Local

Honey – it’s perfect drizzled over oatmeal, melted into tea, marinated on chicken, or added to a salad dressing. It’s one of the most versatile foods in the world, but despite what that cute little plastic honey bear at the big grocery store wants to tell you, not all honey is created equal. After discovering the different flavor profiles, colors and textures of honey from hives placed around Portland, Oregon, Bee Local founder Damian Magista made it his mission to produce and source honey that is always raw, gently filtered and never blended. His line of honey is sourced from only the most sustainable, healthy and unique hives in Oregon.

Even the most savvy culinary connoisseur may not know that the world of bees, beekeeping and honey production is in crisis. Practices like predatory purchasing and harsh commercial beekeeping are not only contributing to colony collapse, but they are pushing family beekeepers out of business and creating honey monopolies, resulting in inferior, flavorless, and unhealthy honey on grocery store shelves across the United States.

That’s where Bee Local comes in. Their goal is to become the most trusted, transparent and delicious honey company in America. “It’s a watershed moment in the world of honey. But retailers, chefs, food processors, and consumers have the chance to make a difference,” Damian says. 


Oregon Blossom Honey Gift

GiftTree has teamed up with Bee Local to create the Oregon Blossom Honey Gift – an absolutely succulent gift featuring two local Pacific Northwest honeys: one a single origin Willamette Valley honey, and the other a single origin honey gathered from hives placed around the lush farmland near Mt. Hood. Both jars are presented with a smooth and supple olive wood honey dipper. Arranged lovingly in our signature gift box, this gift is designed to tantalize the taste buds!

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On pancakes or toast, drizzled into your tea, or a dip for your chicken nuggets – what’s your favorite way to enjoy honey?

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