Why We Gift Wednesday – Halloween Edition

Why We Gift Wednesday – Halloween Edition

Welcome to Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving. Whether it’s honoring the relationships that we have, feeling grateful for an occasion or a special time of year, or relishing life’s simple joys, Why We Gift Wednesday is all about giving and generosity – the expression of appreciation for life’s many happy moments.

On this chilly Autumn Why We Gift Wednesday, we’re celebrating Halloween, of course!! It’s that time of year – costume planning and shopping, party planning, menu planning and shopping, which parent is going to stay home and pass out candy while the other takes the kids trick-or-treating and which kids was going as the witch again? Phew – it can seem like a pretty chaotic time of year, but on that spooky Halloween eve, the sheer elation, the ecstatic joy on every child’s face makes the whole night worth it. So get into the spirit of the season! Carve that pumpkin, mull that cider, bob for that apple and tell the next-door-neighbor kid that he’s the scariest ghost on the block!

To make Halloween feel a little less hectic, GiftTree has some scary-delicious treats like a big tote tilled with creamy Lindt chocolate vanilla truffles, a scary batch of  luscious cake pops, and even a complete kit to make your very own caramel apples! If you know someone who is Halloween-obsessed (don’t we all?) or someone who could use a little cheering up this Fall, send them a little Halloween love! If you order now, there’s still time to make sure it gets to their door in time for the Halloween festivities.


Halloween Caramel Apple Kit

Spooky Lindt Chocolate Gift

Halloween Cake Pops




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Candy, Costumes, Parties, Trick-or-Treating, Pumpkin Carving…. What’s your favorite part about Halloween?

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