Friday’s Featured Artisan – Sonoma Harvest

Friday’s Featured Artisan – Sonoma Harvest

Have you ever tried a pomegranate white balsamic vinegar, or a Tahitian lime olive oil?  Staples such as extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged balsamic vinegar can be found in almost every kitchen and pantry in the US, of course, but what makes cooking with oils and vinegars exciting is the endless possibilities of flavor profiles. Creating different blends of oils and vinegars can take a simple dish and elevate it to decadent heights, and Friday’s Featured Artisan, Sonoma Harvest, produces some of the most innovative flavors around. For the domestic diva who is busily putting together a home-cooked meal for a family of four and the head chef who is preparing a masterpiece at a gourmet restaurant, the epicurean experts at Sonoma Harvest see the potential of cooking with different flavors of oils and vinegars as totally limitless.

Based in beautiful Sonoma County, California wine country, home to some of the finest winemakers, cheesemongers, artisan farmers and food producers in the world, Mike Brossier and his wife Francine established Sonoma Harvest in 2009. At that time, they started out with one employee and a daring vision: to bring the love of good food to the tables, kitchens and pantries across the United States. Seven years later, Sonoma Harvest has over 50 employees and is proud to be a part of the wine country lifestyle and heritage, producing some of the finest gourmet oils, vinegars, mustards and honeys in the world.

GiftTree is excited to offer Sonoma Harvest’s D’Anjou Pear Balsamic Vinegar in a few of our exclusive gift baskets! How to use it, you ask? Try it as a vinaigrette in a salad! Combine the Pear Balsamic Vinegar with a light to medium extra virgin olive oil to bring out the pear flavor. We love it on a mixed green or spinach salad with sliced pears and Blue or Gorgonzola cheese sprinkled on top, and topped off with toasted pecans, walnuts or pine nuts.  This balsamic is also wonderful when you reduce it down and use it as a glaze for ham, chicken and turkey.


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