Why We Gift Wednesday (Back to School Edition!)

Why We Gift Wednesday (Back to School Edition!)

It’s Wednesday, again! And it’s back to school season! It seems like every week just gets continually faster as we get ever closer to the end of summer. We’re sure some of you parents out there feel the same – especially those with children who are on the cusp of heading off to college for their very first time living away from home.

Things will never be the same as they once were before one of your littles left the nest, but the feeling of pride that comes along with seeing your kin go off in the directions of their dreams with unlimited potential in their futures helps to soften the blow, at least a little bit. Before you know it, they’ll be home for Thanksgiving break full of stories, many of which you probably won’t want to hear, but a few that will blow you away with their responsibility, smarts, drive, and talents.

This week we’re celebrating those pre-back to school jitters, whether it’s to a giant University, or a small scale community college. There are so many educational paths that one can take these days, but one thing they all most certainly have in common is a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and nerves as the first days of class approach.

Amongst¬†GiftTree’s back to school collection, you’ll find a wide selection of gifts appropriate for everyone going through these nerve-wracking times – from teachers, to parents, to of course the students themselves. Young or old, a gift will help to inspire those heading back to school to hit the books running.¬†Explore the entire back to school collection on GiftTree.com.


Back to School Gifts by GiftTree

Back to School Gifts: Embossed Tablet Sleeve

Embossed Tablet Sleeve

Back to School Gift: For the Love of Coffee

For the Love of Coffee

Back to School Treat: Definitive Cookie Classics Tower

Definitive Cookie Classics Tower


Comment Below: Do you have a little or not so little one heading off to college for the first time, or heading back to school? How are you getting ready to face the new school year?

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