Friday’s Featured Artisan: Volpi Foods

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Volpi Foods

The cornerstone of Friday’s Featured Artisan Volpi Foods’ success is its unparalleled dry cured meat. In 1898, John Volpi set sail for America from his hometown of Milan, Italy, bringing with him little more than a vision to utilize his craft and artisan skill. Having learned from his elders the ancient European art of dry curing, John had a plan to bring this centuries-old tradition across the ocean, supplying customers in America with his exquisite dry cured meats.

In 1902, he opened the doors of Volpi Foods, a small store at the intersection of two dirt roads in a neighborhood in St. Louis known as The Hill. There, he created cacciatore— a seasoned, dried salami that was small enough to fit inside the pockets of the local clay miners. Cacciatore is a rich, bold, Hunter’s style salame, perfect for thick cut slices. He used only local ingredients and sought out only local suppliers, and dried the meats using the same method he’d learned in Italy: opening and shutting windows to control the temperature and humidity of the air that circulated throughout the room. The customer’s response to John’s exquisite craftsmanship was overwhelming. He soon added delicacies such as prosciutto, guanciale, pancetta, and coppa.

Today, the Volpi storefront remains on the very same spot in St. Louis where John founded it and run by the very same family. For more than 110 years, Volpi Foods has been continually offering unique twists on the classic specialty foods—satisfying meat lovers’ discerning palates in ways that promise to change the landscape of the category.

We at GiftTree absolutely love the sweet, spicy, luscious texture of Volpi’s dry cured Italian meats, and we’re delighted to introduce a trio of wine-infused cured salames in our brand new Charcuterie and Personalized Tasting Board Gift. Three varieties of artisanal wine salame – a Rosé, a Pinot Grigio, and a Chianti – are joined by stone ground mustard, organic Greek olives,  and more in this savory, shareable crate. With a personalized tasting board and an epicurean wood-handled cheese knife for serving, it’s a perfect gift for any meat-lover, foodie or culinary adventurer.


Charcuterie and Personalized Tasting Board Gift Featuring Volpi Foods’ Italian Cured Salame







Have you had a chance to taste the heavenly dry cured meats from Volpi Foods? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 



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