Friday’s Featured Artisan – Plum Island Soap Company

Friday’s Featured Artisan – Plum Island Soap Company

Friday’s Featured Artisan Plum Island Soap Company was born out of its founder Michele Diodati’s passion for creating all-natural soaps and lotions for her own friends and family that were free of any chemicals or harmful ingredients. She mixed up recipes in her kitchen to cure her baby’s diaper rash and experimented with natural ingredients to relieve her own growing anxiety when reading labels on products in her cabinets. When Michele first started out, she sold her soaps at Farmers Markets in and around Boston as well as craft fairs throughout New England. She was sure to collect email addresses and contact info of the customers she met along the way, and kept in touch with them as the business grew. As it turned out, there were a lot of people out there who shared her concerns, and were also looking for natural spa and bath products. It’s these customers’ continued loyalty that have helped Plum Island Soap Company stay true to their path of purity.

What started in the kitchen took over the living room, and shortly thereafter demanded the whole house and now, Plum Island Soap Company operates out of a little cottage on Plum Island, Massachusetts. This is the magical place where all the soapy, buttery goodness takes place. They make their products daily out of a little tiny shop, mixing and packaging their all-natural line. In some ways, they operate like a bakery, using similar equipment and making everything in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. From the very beginning, the mission was to create bath products using the purest, simplest ingredients, without using dyes, perfumes or chemicals.

17218b_The-Man-CanGiftTree is proud to partner with Michele and Plum Island Soap Company with The Man Can – a set of pure and natural skin care essentials like spicy shave gel, bay rum aftershave oil, heavy-duty hand butter and exfoliating soap, all collected together in a fun, masculine presentation. Designed just for men, this gift is one of our most popular, and perfect for the men in your life.










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