Friday’s Featured Artisan – The Magnolia Company

Friday’s Featured Artisan – The Magnolia Company

In Central Florida, warm sun and gentle rain showers cover over 250-acres of thriving Southern Magnolia trees, whose lush leaves are used to create gorgeous wreaths and home decor by Friday’s Featured Artisan, The Magnolia Company. In the 1800’s, Jeremiah Underhill arrived in America as a farmer with a passion for growing and gardening premium foliage. His son Joseph was awarded a land grant for military service, and that land became the homestead for The Magnolia Company farm and estate, which to this day, is still owned and operated by the Underhill family.

“We at The Magnolia Company desire to continually expand upon our rich heritage of producing very high quality products through creativity, ingenuity and old-fashioned hard work. Being firmly rooted in these principles, we look forward to serving you in this tradition.” 

Here at GiftTree, we’re honored to partner with The Magnolia Company in three of their outstanding designs that are truly living works of art. We especially love the All Natural Lavender and Magnolia Wreath! Fragrant and naturally beautiful, this spectacular wreath combines fresh-cut magnolia leaves with dried lavender and floral accents. The handmade wreath features a thick base of green magnolia leaves embellished with dried lavender sprigs, hydrangea, globe thistle, and pepperberries. The finishing touch of a lavender ribbon completes this stunning creation that will be appreciated for many seasons. This large wreath can last up to five years and is a simply gorgeous addition to any home.


All Natural Lavender and Magnolia Wreath


Seeds of Life Oak Tree Kit


Southern Magnolia Tree



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