Friday’s Featured Artisan: Victoria’s Lavenders

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Victoria’s Lavenders

Lavender is certainly lavender-1394478466Mijin bloom here in the Pacific Northwest, and Friday’s Featured Artisan, Victoria’s Lavenders, has mastered  the art of growing and harvesting this flowering herb of a thousand benefits. Victoria’s Lavender has its roots in Oregon wine country, growing out of a dream to use the property that Marilyn Thompson and her husband Troy had purchased to build their home on and use for his landscaping business. But shortly after, Troy was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, an incurable and fatal illness. After a courageous 4-year battle with ALS, Troy passed away at the age of 36. During his illness, Marilyn devoted herself to keeping him comfortable using natural alternatives,since traditional medicine did very little to weaken the vicious symptoms of the disease. She soon discovered the many health benefits to lavender, including anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, migraine and stress relief and so much more. As a widow with a young child and fueled by the former dream she and Troy had shared for the property, Marilyn began growing lavender and eventually started her own company, naming it after their daughter, Victoria.

Today, Victoria’s Lavenders prides themselves in crafting high quality, small batch artisanal products using lavender from the farm and locally-sourced or fair trade organic ingredients in their formulations. From bath and body care to candles, aromatherapy essentials and even lavender to use in cooking, Marilyn Thompson strives for loveliness in her products, both inside and out.

One of GiftTree’s most popular gifts is our Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy gift from Victoria’s Lavenders. We love popping these ultra-soft booties in the microwave for 30 seconds and slipping them on for a session of radiating warmth and the soothing aromatherapy comfort of real lavender buds sewn into the soles.




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