Friday’s Featured Artisan: Lollia by Margot Elena

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Lollia by Margot Elena

Friday’s Featured Artisan, Margot Elena, is an entrepreneur from Colorado with a love of all-things-beautiful. She began her career out of college, opening a tiny boutique that sold handmade soaps with custom package designs of her own creation. Her knack for scent and style took off, and today, she’s an internationally recognized perfumer and designer. The Margot Elena brand consists of four product lines referred to as “libraries”, all meticulously crafted and perfectly balanced in design, fragrance, and formulation.

Constantly mindful that her products add both beauty and purpose, Margot personally orchestrates her scent families and designs each package down to the last enticing detail, charming customers with these perfect treasures to fall in love with.

One of Margot Elena’s elegant libraries is known as Lollia, a series of fragrance stories whose chapters overflow with whimsically scented and designed bath and body luxuries. Here at GiftTree, we love the perfectly placed details, fresh scents and effortless allure of Lollia’s carefully designed treasures. Two of our favorite spa gifts proudly feature Lollia bath products, and if you ever get a chance to give these a sniff and whirl in the bathtub, we know you’re going to be absolutely amazed – they’re just as pleasing on the nose as they are on the eyes.

This celebration calls for a little bubbly – a bubble bath from the Luxe Bubbling Bath Crate, that is! The light floral perfume of rice flower is perfectly paired with southern magnolias and demure mimosa in this fragranced bubble bath. Blended with moisture-rich avocado oils and vitamin E, this perfumed bubble bath arrives in a distinctively modern glass bottle with white petal lace, a signature cork and a kiss of gold leaf. Presented in our signature exclusive bottle crate, this lush gift is truly cause for celebration.



Give the gift of rejuvenation with the Tranquility Spa Gift – a collection of uplifting, soothing body and spa gifts, featuring a satchel of Lollia Wish Bathing Salts. Fragrances of warm vanilla bean and rice flower are delicately frosted with sugared pastille, while jasmine leaves are sweetened with sugar cane. Comforting Ylang Ylang and the sheerest of amber woods complete the scene, creating a perfect fragrant escape.


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