Typography and the Art of Gifting

Typography and the Art of Gifting

Have you ever really paid attention to the fonts on your favorite products? Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. When you put it that way, typography seems like it should be crucial to a product’s design, but unfortunately it’s not always at the top of the totem pole, coming in much lower than illustrations, graphics, or photos. But the truth is, if the typography on your package or product isn’t attractive, you can easily repel a reader or consumer.

And so typography is even more important when it comes to giving a gift! Say you’re giving a gift to a loved one with something personal printed on it – maybe a special message printed on a ribbon, or their name engraved on something special, transforming the gift into a precious keepsake. The typography’s affect on a gift’s appeal can make a good gift  a truly remarkable one – one that leaves a lasting impression. At GiftTree, our Personalization Department goes to great lengths to make sure that the fonts we use are never boring, never old fashioned, always stylish and always current. We’ve gathered a “best of” list, sharing our latest and greatest gifts with new fonts that perfectly blend modern appeal with timeless and classic sophistication, while still having a little bit of fun. Onward!


Lush Blush Champagne Crate

When the occasion calls for something bubbly, present a toast with our Lush Blush Champagne Crate. GiftTree’s designers exclusively created this loving and playful gift, featuring a “Love the Wine You’re With” message, crafted using a fusion of feminine and modern fonts.


One of our bestselling gifts, the Monogrammed Mug recently had a facelift, replacing the monogram’s overused and all-too-common Times New Roman font with Pirou, a fresh and elegant font that gives a little nod to Art Deco. We’re loving this distinguished new look.


Constructed from solid pine, our exclusive Cheese Board smoothly glides open to reveal four stainless steel cheese tools with wood handles, perfect for serving up artisan cheeses. With the added touch of engraved initials with a contemporary ampersand in a stylish and modern font, this gift is sure to please any cheese lover.


Crafted from lead-free crystal, these innovative Monogrammed Angled Glasses are designed to swirl in place without spilling while extracting the aromas and intensifying the flavors of your favorite wine. To make this set all the more appealing, we spruced up the font with a refreshing and pretty cursive for the monogrammed initial on each glass. 



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The next time you’re shopping, take a moment to check out the fonts on your favorite (and least favorite) products! Do you find the typography plays a role in whether or not it appeals to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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