Why We Gift Wednesday (Family Reunion Edition!)

Why We Gift Wednesday (Family Reunion Edition!)

This Why We Gift Wednesday we’re celebrating gathering up the whole family tree to catch up, eat great food, and re-connect. Whether your family is big and spread out, or small and close-knit, the time spent together to catch up on what’s going on in one another’s lives – from trying times to accomplishments, is priceless. Family reunions are another great reason to spread generosity and goodwill to those you’re related to whether by blood, marriage, or just close connection.

While we’re at it, here are a few tips to hosting a great Family Reunion:

Make sure to capture the moment. For many families, having everyone together in one place is a rare occurrence – so be sure to document it! Set up a tripod and take a few great self-timed shots of the whole gang, or even set up a do-it-yourself photo booth and share the photos on a Facebook event set up for the reunion. Send out digital files of group shots to everyone via email, or go the extra mile and have them printed and sent out via an online service like Shutterfly, it’s sure to be appreciated. Don’t forget to print one for yourself, so you can see how everyone changes (and how the family has grown) throughout the years.

Plan a few games. If the weather allows, some outdoor games bring on a sense of healthy competition – whether it’s family groups going against each other, men versus women, or divided up buy generation. Have prizes at the ready like a bottle of wine or gift basket so the competition can really heat up. Keep it simple – like a water balloon or egg toss, or a tournament of corn hole, horseshoes, or badminton.

Get conversations flowing. Send out an email asking each family unit to send an update about their family’s news for the past year to you as planner. Aggregate the news into a family newsletter that can be sent out leading up to the event. Knowing a bit about what’s happening in each other’s lives before gathering is a great way to break the ice with family members that haven’t seen each other in a while and gives a great jumping off point for conversations.


Comment Below: Do you have any tips for hosting a great family reunion? Share them with us via comment – we’d love to hear more tips!


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