Top Ten Tips for Throwing the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Top Ten Tips for Throwing the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Monday is Memorial Day, and if you’re throwing a backyard party, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you make this Memorial Day go off without a hitch. Onward!

10. Slather on the sunscreen! Chances are, the weather will be nice in your part of the country, so make sure that you and your family are prepared to spend a couple hours in the sun. And while you’re at it, keep it handy and offer it to your guests, too.

9. Cue the Music! Every party needs a soundtrack! Any iPod docking station or laptop with speakers will work just fine; you don’t have to get fancy or hire a DJ. Choose your music with your guests’ taste in mind, and throw in some songs that add a little something interesting to your party’s theme.

8. Citronella Candles! Waking up the next morning with a bunch of mosquito bites is no way to start the week. Keep those citronella candles going and those pesky mosquitoes won’t come anywhere near your Memorial Day celebration.

7. Decorate! A little red white and blue can go a long way, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Pick up balloons, streamers and tinsel centerpieces at the Dollar Store, and add a little patriotic pizzazz to your backyard.

6. Prevent parched guests! Offer lots of water, sodas or beer to your guests. A signature themed cocktail (or mocktail) is always a great idea and a fun conversation starter, too! Here are a few patriotic cocktail ideas, and a layered gatorade mocktail would be perfect for the kids.

5. Too much is always better than not enough! When it comes to Memorial Day, stores that are open can be pretty hit and miss. Plan ahead and purchase 5-10 more servings and place settings than the number of guests who are coming. You can always store the picnic supplies for the 4th of July, freeze the unused meat and buns, enjoy some leftovers or send extras home with your guests!

4. Fire up the grill! A backyard party on a summer day without a BBQ is like Halloween without candy, or Christmas without a tree.

3. Offer something for everyone! Will there be vegetarians alongside the carnivores at your party, or anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions? Try to think ahead and offer up a little something for everyone. Check out this great article on vegetarian grilling, and while you’re at it, we’ve got the perfect hamburger recipe right here, too.

2. Have Fun! If you as the host aren’t having fun, your guests won’t either. You can’t foresee the problems that might arise, so just try to let go of the anxiety and go with the flow. A host who is relaxed and cheerful will be much more fun for the guests to be around.

1. And most importantly, remember what Memorial Day is all about! Our beloved country was formed and is protected by the sacrifices made by servicemen and women in our military. Try to make sure that as you gather your friends and family around you, that the celebration is dedicated to honoring those brave, selfless men and women who died in service for our freedom.

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Happy Memorial Day!


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