Friday’s Featured Artisan: Dune Jewelry’s Holly Daniels Christensen

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Dune Jewelry’s Holly Daniels Christensen

Welcome to Friday’s Featured Artisan! Each week, we focus on one of the many talented individuals and companies whose perfect products are proudly featured in GiftTree gifts. It may be a master chocolatier, a gourmet cheesemonger or a talented artist – GiftTree is here to connect their meaningful stories to the contents of your next great gift.

What if you could capture a precious place – one that’s full of fond memories – and keep it with you always? Friday’s Featured Artisan, Dune Jewelry, does just that. Using the unique colors and grains of the world’s sands as her palette, Dune Jewelry’s Holly Daniels Christensen created a line of keepsake jewelry using sand to honor those favorite memories. Originally from Cape Cod, Holly traveled to beaches all around the world and realized that nearly everyone has a precious memory or exciting adventure that took place on a strip of sand. This unforgettable jewelry is specifically made for those who wish to hold on to those places forever – whether it was a childhood trip, where he proposed, where you spent your honeymoon or a summer abroad. Serving more as keepsakes than decorations, Dune Jewelry’s custom designs are the perfect gift to hold a special beach in your heart.

Here’s how it works: select a sand from your favorite beach, ballpark, golf course or trail from Dune Jewelry’s extensive sand bank to be hand crafted by Sand Artists into a one-of-a-kind piece. Every piece of jewelry is custom made to order, and GiftTree has collaborated with Holly and Dune Jewelry to offer three exceptional pieces – a set of fine cuff links, a hammered shimmering gold cuff bracelet, and a delicate silver necklace, each ready to be filled with the sand that honors your favorite memories. Click on any of the images below to check them out on!

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