Why We Gift Wednesday (Maid of Honor Edition!)

Why We Gift Wednesday (Maid of Honor Edition!)

Wedding season is officially upon us! That means plenty of reasons to celebrate, congratulate and thank so many people in our lives. From wishing the happy couple a life of wedded bliss, to celebrating a milestone anniversary, to thanking those in your inner circle for being your pillars of support as you prepared and enjoyed your big, beautiful, (stressful!) day.
To the bridesmaids and maids of honor who were with the bride every step of the way from initial proposal, to being behind the scene miracle workers helping make big decisions and put out potential fires, we salute you!

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Did you have a crew of key people who were paramount to helping make sure your big day was a success? Or were you one of those miracle workers? Comment below or head to GiftTree.com/why-we-gift-wednesday to submit your story. It could be featured on our next #WhyWeGiftWednesday post!

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