Design the Perfect Easter Table

Design the Perfect Easter Table

If you’re having company over for Easter dinner, the table decor is the perfect way to bring that refreshing feeling of Spring to the indoors. Here at GiftTree we’re all about decorating for the holidays, so we’ve got some great tips for making your Easter tablescape look light, Spring-y and welcoming.

1. White, White, White. When you’re investing in china or fine table linens for special occasions, white or cream are the best choices. Buying holiday-specific tableware means you’ll only be able to use those dishes on that holiday, so for the rest of the year, that set pretty much just takes up precious storage space. Invest in fine white linens and white china. That way, you can use it year-round. The holiday-specific decor can be brought into the mix with the accents you use – which brings me to my next tip…

2. Pastel Accents. With the clean slate of white linen and white dishes, it’s time to bring Easter to the table with pretty pastels. For a fun, light, Springtime feel, opt for pinks, purples, and baby blues, in the form of napkins, napkin rings, candleholders, or maybe even a cute basket of dyed eggs. If you’re looking for a more grown-up feel for your Easter table, try light sage green, pale yellow, or a dusky rose. Depression glass makes perfect accent pieces, and sets are usually pretty easy to come by at antique stores.

3. Natural Embellishments. To truly bring a touch of the outdoors in and make that Easter table feel really Spring-y, take advantage of natural elements that are available where you live! Speckled Quail eggs can become a delicate accent to your place settings (just make sure you hard-boil them first), and they’re pretty easy to find at Whole Foods or Farmer’s Markets. How about tying your silverware and cloth napkin together with burlap string, or running a strip of burlap down the center of the table? All of these natural elements work together to create an elegant, graceful Easter table.

4. The Centerpiece. Again, this a great opportunity to take advantage of what’s available and in season in your area. What flowers are blooming outside right now? Maybe there are tulips, daffodils, pussy willow… you could even cut branches from a blossoming cherry, apple, or pear tree and put them in a large vase for a dramatic centerpiece. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re seeing lots of Grape Hyacinth this time of year. It’s demure, delicate and just the right shade of purple for the Easter table.


Grape Hyacinth

If you live in a part of the country where there’s still snow on the ground, or out in the desert where not much blooms at all, not to worry. GiftTree’s selection of Spring and Easter flowers are ready and waiting to make your table bright and welcoming! And with our same day and two-day shipping options, those Spring flowers will be there just in time for dinner. Check out our Easter flowers here!


Spring Love


Tulip Treasure Bouquet











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  1. We have fiesta ware which REALLY helps for the season! Use red and green for the Holidays, the light blue and yellow for Easter, etc. It’s been really versatile!

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