Shareable & Fun Family Easter Basket Ideas

Shareable & Fun Family Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a perfect day to get the whole family together and enjoy one another’s company. And what better way to get the whole family to do something together than to use a gift basket full of treats, crafts, or surprises!? If you need shareable and fun family Easter basket ideas, we’ve got what you’re looking for – read on!

Easter Dye Kit Basket

Painting Easter Eggs

This one takes a little prep work, but it will provide hours of (messy) fun the whole day. You will need to hard boil enough eggs to fill a basket, grab an egg dye kit (the Dollar Store has them if you’re looking to save some money), and have any kind of basket handy. You can even use a fun hat! Then, surprise the family and let them know: it’s time to color some eggs! Make sure to give the eggs an appropriate amount of time to dry (a couple hours or so to be on the safe side). Sprinkle the colored eggs around the table and marvel at the masterpieces you have created amidst Easter dinner.

Easter Craft Kit Basket

Crafty Easter Egg Idea

A perfect option for those older kiddos. Dyeing eggs can be a little boring for those ready for the next challenge, and the next challenge is to get real creative! Get those eggs boiled, but also include any other crafty tool in your house. Cardboard, colored paper, scissors, glitter, glue, markers, Play-Doh: everything and anything! Challenge all members of the family to come up with their most creative masterpiece. Post each on social media and hold a poll – and to the victor goes the spoils!

Empty Baskets…for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Hide Easter Eggs

Don’t forget about the cherished tradition of hiding plastic eggs for the family to fill their own baskets! Leave a note in a basket saying the number of eggs hidden and watch the mayhem unfold. This can all be indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you can be a devious as you want with your hiding methods.

And there are so many things you can fill the plastic eggs with! Loose change (one with a silver dollar, of course!), candy, or even IOU’s, movie tickets, or other random goodies. You can be especially wily and hide one egg in a room and lead the family on a chase to find a grand prize! That grand prize can be something for the whole family to do, including a family-friendly movie, a puzzle, or a video game that everyone can play.

And finally, if you’re stumped (or just have so much to do), consider…

An Easter Gift Basket from GiftTree

Easters Treasures Gourmet Gift Basket

GiftTree has a wide variety of Easter gift baskets, fruit gifts, candy and baskets, and much more that will give the family snacks to munch on and enjoy all day!

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Leave us a comment: what’s the Easter basket tradition your family grew up doing?

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