Why We Gift Wednesday (Long Distance Friends Edition)

Why We Gift Wednesday (Long Distance Friends Edition)

This Why We Gift Wednesday, we’re celebrating our dear long distance friends. We may live miles and miles apart, but our hearts are side by side. We don’t get to see them every day, or talk to them nearly as often as we would like, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off. Because after all, true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separated and having nothing change.


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Are you lucky enough to have a close friend across the miles? Tell us about them!

  1. I have friends in NYC and Washington D.C.. Living on the west coast it is not so easy to see each other, so we speak constantly through FB and What’s App!!

  2. I’ve got a buddy named Cenk who lives half the country away – thank goodness for IMing and mobile messaging. It’s easy to catch up!

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