Autumn Decor Ideas: Spruce Up Your Mantel!

Autumn Decor Ideas: Spruce Up Your Mantel!

One fall activity that I always look forward to is putting together a warm and inviting fall mantle display. Walking into the house after being outside on a crisp fall day and immediately being welcomed by a decorated, festive mantle gets me in the mood for a cozy fall evening. Whether or not you have an actual mantle above a fireplace in your home, a centerpiece can be created using an entry way console table, or even a wide shelf hung on a bare part of the wall. I like to decorate the mantel early in the fall season, so it can serve as the focal point for months throughout Halloween, Thanksgiving and beyond. Here are some fun Autumn decor ideas and tips to spruce up your mantel to celebrate the season.


Shop What You Already Have


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Decorating doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or involve hours shopping to pick out the exact pieces you need. Typically,  I can usually find pieces I already have around my house to gather together to create a look that’s fresh without being newly-bought. I look through my stash and pull an assortment of glass hurricane vases, a lantern or two, candle sticks and votives in various finishes, and even wood salad bowls, or metal containers like buckets or watering cans.


Invest in a Few Key Pieces

If I don’t have the right items I need already around the house, I invest in one or two new key pieces that I know will serve multiple purposes and seasons. One item that creates a warm and glowy look appropriate for both fall and winter is a bundle of light-up branches. Placed in a vase, galvanized bucket, or tall basket, these can be mixed in with natural branches from your own yard to create a beautiful and natural look. Other items that always come in handy and can be filled and styled for a variety of seasons and occasions are large, neutral colored lanterns, glass hurricane vases, and tall candlesticks.

Fall Mantel

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Create a Focal Point

I like to set the stage for the display by propping a large, plain piece against the wall that will sort of frame everything else on the mantel and create a balance. This could be a large mirror, a chalkboard, an old window, or a large empty picture frame. Then, my goal is to create height on both sides, with the left side being slightly taller than the other. This seems to draw the eye down and to the right, and look balanced. But, feel free to re-arrange your pieces until you feel it looks right!



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Gather From The Outdoors

Head outside and you’ll likely find all the finishing touches you need to complete your look. A bundle of long, bare branches looks stunning in a tall vase and adds visual appeal. Spray paint them white for a contrasting touch. Gather pinecones, leaves and acorns to layer in clear class containers. These look great if you go the extra mile and accent some of them with touches of gold glitter. A few pine boughs tucked into bare places can round out the look. And of course, don’t forgo the mini pumpkins, squash and gourds so prevalent this time of year.


Add a Fresh Touch

I like to leave room for a vase full of fresh flowers to add life to the otherwise often orange, brown and tan centric-colors on the mantle. A bright arrangement of purple, red, yellow, or red lilies, roses and chrysanthemums adds a bold pop of color and contrast, and can be changed out to keep the mantel feeling fresh.  For some great fall floral arrangements, be sure to checkout for our newest festive autumn offerings.

Fall Blush Bouquet

Fall Blush Bouquet

Harvest Blossoms Bouquet

Harvest Blossoms Bouquet

Autumn Amor Bouquet

Autumn Amor Bouquet

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What’s your favorite way to spruce up your home to get in the festive Autumn spirit? Share a photo of your fall mantel in the comments below, or share it on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Pages. We’d love to see your creation!

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  1. i love the look of the pinecones and pumpkins in the lanterns. great idea!

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