Unwrapping The New Look of GiftTree!

Unwrapping The New Look of GiftTree!
GiftTree Pomegranate

The GiftTree Pomegranate: An International Symbol of Generosity

New Look, Same GiftTree. The quality you’ve come to expect is here to stay!

We’re delighted to introduce our new vision with a logo that gets to the heart of who we are and that embodies our approach to designing and curating our gifts: the beautifully shaped pomegranate, an ancient and universal symbol of generosity, grace, and goodwill spanning countries and religions across the globe.

When much ado matters, creating a gift that leaves a lasting impression is the cornerstone of the GiftTree mission. Our distinctive keepsake baskets are always filled with exceptional goods of uncompromising quality, assembled with our hearts and hands. When you send an exclusive gift from us, you’re sending more than just a basket or box – you’re sending a gift with intention.

We hope you will appreciate our new graphics, but more importantly embrace the symbol to express the genuine emotions of gratitude, generosity, and respect to build and renew the relationships you choose to foster with a GiftTree gift. Head over to GiftTree.com to see our updated website, logo and more.






With Warm Regards,

Martin McClanan   |   President and CEO



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  1. Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for the feedback, we appreciate it. By the way, your site is gorgeous! We love the images and the overall design. We most likely won’t offer pomegranates in our gifts for Christmas this year, but that is a great idea for years to come.
    Thanks again.

  2. Martin – love the logo, and most importantly – your site looks fabulous. Very clean and modern but holds true to the brand and its products. The Fine Food section is my favorite, you definitely have some trend right products there. Will you offer pomegranates in your gifts for Christmas? Just a thought….Great job!

  3. Looks great! I love the look of the red…

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