The Ultimate Summer Picnic Planning Guide

The Ultimate Summer Picnic Planning Guide

Summer picnics are pretty much inherently fun no matter what – gather some friends and food, plop down a blanket on a grassy patch on a sunny summer day and let the good times roll. But, with a little more forethought and effort, it’s not hard to turn a good picnic into the ultimate picnic. You won’t want to go back to your old picnics after you put some of the ideas in our summer picnic planning guide into practice:

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Keep the bugs at bay

Nothing ruins a picnic faster than the annoying buzz of flies and mosquitos flying overhead, especially when they bite! Keep flies away with this simple trick using just a few household items you already have. Make a DIY natural bug repellent, or try one of these other budget-friendly ways to keep bugs at bay.





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Invest in a huge blanket, and make sure it’s one that stays dry.

Nothing’s worse than a damp behind while trying to enjoy delicious food outside so think ahead to make sure you avoid this unfortunate situation. A great option is a blanket that’s soft on one side, and lined with waterproof material on the other. Or, you can DIY your own solution by laying down a shower curtain liner or tarp beneath the blanket.  Do this, and your soggy butt nightmares will dry up and disappear forever.




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Serve smart food

Minimize messes and awkward eating situations by serving food that’s super easy to pick up and handle while sitting cross-legged on a blanket. Just say no to balancing a precariously perched paper plate filled with dripping sauces on your lap. Some great options are wrapped muffaletta sandwiches, BLT ranch chicken wraps, or brownie and fruit kabobs. Or of course there’s always the ever trendy…




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Mason jars!

Although we kind of hate to admit it, mason jars truly shine at a picnic. This is the one time where it’s not cliche to bust out a basket full of mason jars filled with individual servings of fruit, pasta salad, or cute desserts like no-bake cheesecakes, red velvet cupcakes or adorable mini pies in jars. Also, ready-made mason jar cocktails – need we say more?



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Carry your wine in style

Whether you’re using the simple tea towel wine bottle carrier trick, or an elevated version such as a wine caddy including openers, you’ll need a way to get your wine safely from car to blanket. The wine trio travel tote on is an awesome way to carry not one or two, but three bottles of wine plus the tools you need in a stylish leather tote.




Do you have any summer picnics on your schedule yet? If not, make time for one! They’re a great, low cost way to gather with friends over great food and enjoy these last few sunny summer weekends. If you’re looking to give the gift of a ready-made picnic, browse through our selection of fine foods gifts on, many of which arrive packed in their own picnic-ready totes!

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