Meet the Lovable Dogs of GiftTree

Meet the Lovable Dogs of GiftTree

There are many great things about working at GiftTree, such as helping people give great gifts on special occasions, working with a great group of co-workers, getting to sample the delicious food and beverages that go into our awesome gift baskets and many other things. However, one of my favorite parts of the day is getting to see all the dogs that come to work. Having a dog friendly work place can lead to some interesting situations, but overall it is great to have some furry friends around. Here’s a photo collage with some of the lovable dogs of GiftTree.

Not all of these dogs come to work on a daily basis and some haven’t had the chance to come in at all. At GiftTree’s headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, there are a handful who come in on a regular basis. It’s probably a good thing they don’t all come in, because we’d all go broke from buying so many dog treats! Click the image for a full size view.

Meet the Lovable Dogs of GiftTree

  1. Awww! Too Cute!

  2. LOL. Lily and her eyebrows!

  3. Good looking pups!!

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. Well done James!!!

  5. Winston is the old english bulldog 1/3rd of the way down on the left!

    What an awesome collage!

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