Meet The GiftTree Team: Personalization Lead Amy Edwards

Meet The GiftTree Team: Personalization Lead Amy Edwards

AmyEdwardsIf you’ve ever given or received a personalized gift from GiftTree, chances are Amy Edwards had her talented hands on it. As the Personalization Lead for all three of our distribution centers across the country, Amy tests all the new product ideas, ensures that they’re of the highest quality, and then teaches the rest of the staff how to carry on the art of applying the perfect touch to our wide range of personalized gifts, from start to finish. We sat down with Amy to gain a little insight on her life inside and outside GiftTree!


Tell us a little about your family!

My husband and I met when I was a junior in high school, and we’ve been married for 7 years and have four children here in Vancouver, WA. Our oldest Devon is 18 and graduated from high school this past June. Our 15-year-old daughter Katryna is a sophomore, our son Dylon is 13 and an 8th grader, and our youngest Johnathan is 7 and in the 3rd grade.  

We have two dogs, Neeko and Tank, a husky and a black lab, and one 12-year-old cat name Charlie!


What would you say you’re most passionate about?

I would definitely say I’m most passionate about my family!


What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I am a big supporter of my boys and their sports. Every Saturday, you can find me on the sidelines at rugby games cheering on my oldest son Devon, and on Sundays I am cheering on my other two boys Dylon and Johnathan at their football games. Soon we’ll be going to my daughter Katryna’s softball games. I also enjoy barbeques with all my friends and family. When I do find some “me” time, I enjoy relaxing at the nail salon, getting a manicure and pedicure!


What brought you to GiftTree? Tell us a little about your venture into the world of Personalized Gifts.

Originally I applied for a position in Customer Service, and the GiftTree team asked if I’d be interested in the Personalization Department! Who could say no to that? Not me! Making unique gifts for loved ones is right up my alley, so I was sold right away.

When I started, the Personalization Department was in its early stages, with only three machines and the ability to customize ribbon. I worked closely with the Graphics Department, figuring out logos and new capabilities, and from there, new machines started to arrive, starting with a sandblaster which gave us the ability to engrave on glass and other hard materials. Eventually I attended an engraving class, we got a screen printer, a logo jet and even an embroidery machine, and in no time, GiftTree was offering tons of personalized, top-tier quality gifts.


Describe what you do in the as the Personalization Lead at GiftTree?

Oh boy, how much time do you have? Anything that goes on in the department, chances are I had something to do with it! As Lead of the Department, I run all the personalization machines, and the most important aspect is keeping the Personalization Department organized and assured that every gift goes out the door looking beautiful.

I handle quality control within the department, and ensure customer service reps and our corporate office get all the knowledge and training needed about our machines and capabilities.  

I also set up, test and explore all new gifts on our machinery, and once they’re approved, I give the product set up and procedures to our other Personalization specialists. I also maintain the inventory and maintenance on all the machines, ensuring that every keepsake gift leaves a lasting impression that makes the recipient say “WOW!”


What inspires you the most about GiftTree, and what is your favorite part about working at GT?

The most inspiring thing about GT is our story and how we became the best online gifting company with continued growth every year. My favorite part about working at GT is all my co-workers and the friendly atmosphere here. You have to love your environment to be able to love what you do.

I’m a hands-on, figure-it-out type of person, and all these machines gave me the opportunity to expand my skills and ability to use them successfully. I enjoy new things and obstacles to overcome. There is never a dull moment for me in Personalization!


What are some of your favorite gifts offered by GT?

There are so many, but if I had to choose one it would be our new Personalized Pint Glass Set. This gift took a lot time and hard work to bring to market, and it all paid off! Another one I love is the Royal Champagne Basket in our luxury collection, perfect for any occasion.




Who is the hardest person in your life to shop for, and what have you found to be a “go-to” gift for them?

Most definitely, my husband and my dad. I have to admit, for the longest time it was always shoes and clothes! I always thought, “Who doesn’t love new shoes?” But then I started seeing more and more great gifts for men here at GiftTree, so I started giving them gifts like the Man Can, Whiskey Wedge, Hopside Down Glass, Beer Basket, and of course the pint glass sets.


What was the best gift you’ve ever given?

The best gift I ever gave was Seattle Seahawks tickets to my Husband and best friend Shannon Edwards. <3


What was the best gift you’ve ever received?

A girl’s best friend is always diamonds, but my #1 gift is my children and their good health.


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