Anniversary Gifting Etiquette By The Year

Anniversary Gifting Etiquette By The Year

Whether it’s their fifth anniversary or their 50th, the tradition of giving the proper anniversary gift has elegantly stood the test of time. A longstanding list of traditional gifts to correspond with the years of marriage has been passed down from generation to generation, setting the standard for anniversary gifting etiquette. Buying an anniversary gift can seem like a daunting task, but if you stick to tradition, you’re sure to give the perfect anniversary gift.

Here at GiftTree, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for milestone anniversary gifts that are sure to celebrate any happy couple’s years of wedded bliss!


5 Years: Wood

Gourmet Cheese Dome A signature acacia wooden cheeseboard carries a glass dome and an assortment of imported cheeses in this impressive gourmet gift. This beautiful cheeseboard and gourmet collection is delivered in a tailored isothermic tote.


10 Years: Tin

Vineyard Select Wine Basket A tin and bronze-trimmed wine chiller with metal-worked handles carries your choice of esteemed California wines and an assortment of gourmet treats and sweets for pairing.


15 Years: Crystal

Champagne and Flutes Gift Set There’s no better occasion to pop open a bottle of fine champagne than an anniversary, and this beautiful gift comes with a set of crystal flutes to celebrate.


20 Years: Platinum

The Platinum Collection The name says it all – three of the most sought after cabernet sauvignons are paired with gourmet foods, served up in an elegant keepsake container.


25 Years: Silver

Luxury Wine Chiller With a wide selection of wines and champagnes, our luxury wine chillers make the perfect anniversary gift to celebrate 25 years.


30 Years: Pearl

Ultimate Champagne and Caviar Experience Fresh Osetra caviar is offered up on a mother of pearl service set, accompanied with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame 2004. Delivered in a handcrafted wine crate, this gift is designed to be every bit as exciting to receive as it is to sip and savor.

Have a milestone anniversary coming up? Shop for a wide array of options for giving a traditional anniversary gift – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift to honor any happy couple and serve as a true expression your thoughtfulness.


Comment below: Do you tend to stick to the yearly traditions, or do you go rogue and come up with your own gift ideas?

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